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Hi there,

Krik and Ryan here! We're so excited to be able to bring this dream to a reality with the mission of providing candy with benefits (can you say Sweet Benefits 😉 )! We're sure you've heard it a million times, but we're truly believers in the adage "food is medicine". Here at CandyCan, we fully believe that clean healthy snacking with a purpose is possible. Our low sugar, genuinely healthy and delicious products are meant to be enjoyed by all who have a sweet tooth (so, everyone?) and provide tangible benefits from their consumption.

We spent over a year developing this product line and we're happy you've step foot into the world of CandyCan. In the middle of developing the products, Ryan was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. While going to the doctors, undergoing surgery, and enduring months of chemotherapy, the mission of CandyCan was reinforced even further on the importance of bringing functionality to the things we eat daily to help our bodies. With a positive attitude throughout the whole process, we're happy to say that Ryan is completely cancer-free and ready to spread the good word of CandyCan!

So why are we doing this you might ask?

As much as we love gummy vitamins, we realized some serious issues with them. First off, the serving size according to the bottle was always only one or two gummies, so of course we ate more than that every time! Who only eats 1 gummy?! That's crazy talk, they taste too good. Why do they taste so good? Quite simply, they're loaded with sugar. Even worse, they're created using even grosser ingredients like gelatin, which often comes from animal byproducts (you don't even wanna know). So, each time we were eating, and overeating, our vitamin gummies we were also ingesting all these bad substances. CandyCan fix the problem!

Our first line of gummies truly are game changers. We started with the base: a soluble corn fiber known as polydextrose that passes through the gut with none of that awful bloat you may have experienced from other low-sugar gummies. We also replaced that unfortunate gelatin with pectin, a fruit-based starch that isn't from animals and is completely plant-derived. Next, we looked around for the best alternative sweeteners and paired clean label monk fruit and stevia to give that delicious candy taste without any of the harmful glucose spiking effects.

We hope you'll come along and see why CandyCan do what other candy...can't.