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Can Candy Provide Real Nutrition?

Can Candy Provide Real Nutrition?

            These days, people are paying much closer attention to their nutrition than ever before, and that doesn’t just mean counting calories. Look at the whole foods movement and you’ll see people are waking up to the fact that many of the processed foods that have come to make up large parts of the American diet aren’t nutritionally complete. Pasta fortified with protein has also become very prevalent in recent years as another way of improving the nutritional content of a popular staple.

            What about candy? Switching to low sugar candy is a good start, but is that the best consumers can hope for? Not necessarily! Consider that even many traditional candies contain natural ingredients such as nuts – there’s real nutrition in those! They just happen to be surrounded by quite a lot of sugar and aren’t nearly as healthy as just eating the nuts by themselves. Natural, nutritionally beneficial ingredients aren’t unheard of in candy – they’re just typically used more for flavor, than specifically making candies more beneficial to health.

"Options for candy like IMMUNITY gummies that can actually contribute to your wellbeing are starting to emerge."

So if candy doesn’t have to be completely void of nutrition, the key is finding something which has been created to offer more than just sweet flavor. CandyCan’s lineup of low sugar gummy candy is each tailormade to offer something more. For example, CandyCan FOCUS gummies contain L-Theanine, a beneficial amino acid that can help regulate mood and focus. It takes special commitment to produce healthy gummies that are more than just a sweet treat, but if other candy companies follow suit and take steps toward offering healthy candy, there’s no concrete reason that beneficial nutrition can’t be a part of candy, especially if treated as a supplement to regular meals. Outside of the realm of candy, many snack food brands have also been looking for ways to separate themselves from typical junk food.

            Clearly, even the best candy can’t take the place of balanced, regular meals that contain a variety of the nutrients we need to thrive. But for a society full of busy people who occasionally opt for a quick snack on the go, or who turn to candy for an occasional midday pick-me-up, options for candy like immunity gummies that can actually contribute to your wellbeing are starting to emerge. It doesn’t hurt that they’re just as delicious as all the old sugary standbys.